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Blueair 650E Air PurifierThe Blueair 650E Air Purifier employs the same filtration technology found in their signature 500 Series models, however because it is a bit larger it beats the Blueair 500 Series in both area coverage and performance. This premium air cleaner system ranks among the top in the industry with its Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) earning the highest scores possible and can filter a room up to 698 square feet.

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Quietly Efficient

One feature that sets the Blueair brand above others is their dedication to the quietest operation. This is achieved by filtering air through their SurroundAir™ system which efficiently diffuses air through an area six times larger than the average air cleaner. To further deliver on their commitment to quiet operation the housing replaces sound-prone plastics with noise-muffling steel. The result is one of the largest, best performing air purifiers for home use on the market that also does its job quietly so you can use it in any room even the bedroom. Choose from three fan speeds or choose the Auto mode to allow the system to adjust the operating speed according to the current level of airborne particles and gaseous compounds.

Blueair Is Energy Star RatedAs with the complete Blueair air cleaner line-up the Blueair 650E Air Purifier is Energy Star® rated exceeding the minimum energy efficiency guidelines making them one of the first air cleaner manufacturers to accomplish this. This means that not only is this system top rated in performance and area coverage it also requires less energy to achieve these goals therefore lowing it’s cost of use during it’s lifetime.

Choose From Two Powerful, Interchangeable Filter Combinations

The standard Blueair 650E Air Purifier utilizes 3 HEPASilent™ filters made from polypropylene that effectively clean the air of general indoor pollutants like pet dander, hair, dust mites and pollen. This filter also has a small amount of activated carbon for dealing with light gases and odors making it a perfect solution for general everyday air quality concerns in any environment.

The unit can also be purchased with the upgraded SmokeStop™ polypropylene filters with a full 5.3 pounds of activated coconut shell carbon impregnated with Potassium Iodide (KI), Phosphoric acid (H3PO4), and Potassium Hydroxide (KOH). This filter choice removes the same general contaminants like the standard filter but is highly recommended for areas with high amounts of cigar and cigarette smoke, cooking odors, chemical gases and other unpleasant, persistent odors. Additionally, the Blueair 650E can be used with either the standard filters or the ultra-performance SmokeStop™ filters to suit your needs and situation at any given time and either filter option will efficiently remove 99.97% of the smallest particles of dust and pollen to smoke and viruses.

Blueair 650E Display PanelThe unit is easily moved as it sits on 4 wheels and it can be controlled at the touch of a button either from the digital display panel or by using the included remote control. The unit even keeps track of its usage and indicates on the display panel the remaining life of the filters so you’ll know exactly when it is a good time to make a filter change. The filters are rated for 6 months based on 24/7 usage at high speed but their life can be prolonged for up to a year by giving them a simple vacuuming once in a while to remove any built up outer dust and particles which will save you some money over the long term.

Where To Buy The Blueair 650E Air Purifier

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