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Austin Air HealthMate Air PurifierEach Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifier features a medical-grade HEPA filter as well as activated carbon to tackle the most dangerous contaminants and particles in the air we breathe. Smoke, mold, allergens, chemicals, odors, gases and even bacteria, germs and viruses don’t stand a chance when you’re using the Austin Air HealthMate. To enjoy the best air possible in our living areas Austin Air encourages their customers to leave their air purifier on day and night as they have been designed for continuous use.

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The body of the Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifier is constructed of durable 22 gauge steel with a baked-on powder coat finish and each side is perforated to intake air from 360° around the unit. The cleaned and purified air is then output from the upper deck of the unit in one direction so you can direct the air where you want it. It operates at three different fan speeds for versatility and can clean an impressive 250 cubic feet per minute in up to a 1500 square foot area efficiently and with ease.

Available In Two Powerful Models

Austin Air HealthMate Jr Air PurifierThe Austin Air HealthMate is also available in a junior model the Austin Air HealthMate Jr. with the same remarkable results for smaller areas up to 700 square feet. They both employ a 4-stage filter to address the everyday air quality concerns of people from allergy sufferers, those with chemical sensitivities, smokers and effectively anyone who desires a home that is the healthiest place it can be.

Stage one is a large particle pre-filter that removes particles we can see with our naked eye like hair, pet dander and dust. Stage 2 is a medium particle pre-filter which goes a step further to filter small to medium sized particles like pollen, molds and spores. Stage 3 uses 15 pounds (6.5 pounds for jr model) of an activated carbon and zeolite blend to remove odors, chemicals and gases. Finally, at stage 4 is a filter made from 60 feet (30 feet for jr model) of true medical-grade HEPA.

Austin Air boasts the largest air purifier manufacturing facility in the world at 480,000 square feet and they produce every inch of their product in house. They have been selected by the US Government to execute the largest deployment of air purifiers in United States history and have also been chosen by The Red Cross and FEMA to address the serious air quality concerns in post 9/11 New York.

Where To Buy The Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifier

We recommend as your best choice to purchase the Austin Air HealthMate or Austin Air HealthMate Jr. system for your home. They are an Austin Air authorized dealer providing the utmost quality, modern living products with a solid commitment to a highly positive customer experience. Excelling in customer satisfaction and providing a smooth, streamlined customer flow you’ll be enjoying your new Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifier in no time at all.

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